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Spring Bloom Package – Shiatsu Massage 90min


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Spring Bloom Package
1 Service + 1 Admission + 1 Meal

Spring into the season by taking care of your health and well-being. With the seasonal climate transitions, being aware of your body’s needs is essential. Renew and rejuvenate with Korean heat therapy at King Spa! Our various sauna and massage services will provide therapeutic treatments to your body.

Our Spring Bloom Full Package includes 1 service, 1 admission ticket, and 1 meal. This is perfect for those who want to indulge in a spa day and receive built-up tension, loosen tight muscles, and relieve any pain due to stress.

Shiatsu Massage 90min
This will increase blood circulation and relieve any tense muscles and nerves. It is great for people who experience fatigue, physical or mental dullness as it stimulates the nervous system.

*This voucher will expire on April 30th
*Gratuities are included, tax is excluded (tax will be charged at check out)
*Reservation is only available in person at the counter.
*You must show your voucher at check-in.

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