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Valentine’s Day Full Package for Single – Deep Tissue(with Oil) Massage 90min


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Valentine Full Package for Single
1 Service + 1 Admission + 1 Meal

Show a little love to those you cherish most dearly this Valentine’s Day with the best gift of relaxation at King Spa. Our Valentine’s Day Full Package includes 1 service, 1 admission ticket, and 1 meal. This is perfect for those who want to indulge in a spa day and receive built-up tension, loosen tight muscles, and relieve any pain due to stress.

Deep Tissue(with Oil) Massage 90min
Oil massage is a gentler form of massage as oil is massaged onto the body and used to lubricate the skin to reduce friction while the massage is performed. It is a gentle technique that relaxes both the mind and body.

*This voucher will expire on Feb 28th
*Gratuities are included, tax is excluded (tax will be charged at check out)
*Reservation is only available in person at the counter.
*You must show your voucher at check-in.

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